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Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow (DARTT) is a grassroots collective dedicated to dismantle ALL systems of oppression, injustice and exploitation.

There is a deep rooted connection between all oppression and injustice. Oppressive power structures ruled by heartless corporate “industries” disenfranchise and exploit vulnerable individuals for profit, as well as view and treat other-than-human animals as nothing more than commodities. These industries promote the false assumption that other-then-human animals are incapable of feeling pain, sorrow, neglect, loneliness and isolation. These institutions stretch far beyond the relatively powerless governments that subsidize and protect cooperate interests.

The current relationship between human and other-than-human animals is a social justice issue that needs to be addressed and fundamentally dismantled and restructured. That is why DARTT is taking aim at several monoliths of oppression and greed by means of protest, education and supporting direct action.

DARTT focuses efforts in combating these oppressive power structures by targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the fur industry, and with pure vegan outreach.

DARTT is comprised of animal liberationists dedicated to the abolitionist philosophy that:

  • Other-than-human animals HAVE THE RIGHT to live free from human exploitation, whether it is in the name of science or sport, exhibition or service, food or fashion.
  • Each of these individuals HAS THE RIGHT to live in harmony according to their nature on a healthy planet free from the shackles of human desires.

We will never back down, never compromise and WE WILL ALWAYS WIN!

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DARTT stands in solidarity with all chapters associated with
Animal Defense League (ADL) and Earth First!